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Swedish company Valinge Innovation, based in Viken, began operations in 1993.

With a team of 230 people, it markets assembly solutions.

Valinge Innovation has patented an ingenious system for clipping parquet together. Its Threespine subsidiary sells patents that enable furniture to be assembled in no time, without the need for hardware, screws or glue.

Valinge Innovation has registered more than 2,600 patents and licenses with 270 partners around the world.

Their innovations haven’t only changed the way parquet floors are laid, they have also revolutionized the furniture industry by simplifying assembly. They make life easier for consumers.


Discover Threespine assembly: Välinge Innovation’s furniture clip-on technology enables you to assemble your furniture in seconds, without using any tools or fittings.

You simply click together the different sides of a piece of furniture to achieve perfect results every time.

This method respects the environment by eliminating the use of screws and glue.

It also simplifies logistics by reducing the number of parts, allowing flat-packing for smarter transportations.

As an added bonus, users can assemble their furniture easily and effortlessly, with perfect results.

Threespine Core and Threespine ID are two distinct solutions designed to meet the needs of the market.

Threespine’s clip-on furniture technology is patented and only available under license from Välinge Innovation.