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Turkish company Samet, based in Esenyurt, was founded in 1973. Today, it employs 1,150 people and offers a diverse range of over 6,000 furniture components. With a production area of 80,500 m2, Samet exports its products to 80 countries, giving it a strong global presence.

Samet products meet the most rigorous standards, such as EN ISO 9001, Turquality, LGA, NIMM, TSE, INTERTEK and CE, guaranteeing quality and compliance with international standards.

Committed to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Samet favors environmentally friendly packaging, adopts strict energy standards and constantly strives to reduce its environmental footprint through innovative production processes.

Hinge systems

Discover the excellence of Master hinges, a reference in the furniture hardware industry.

These hinges combine innovation and quality, offering reliable solutions for your furniture needs.

Robust and well thought-out, they guarantee smooth, dampened and durable openings, bringing the guarantee of reliability to your furniture.

Drawer systems

Flowbox is a drawer at the cutting edge of technology.

Discover the excellence of Samet drawer systems, a Turkish reference in the world of furniture hardware.

With their smooth opening and solid design, these systems ensure optimum functionality, adding superior quality to your drawers.

The slim side panels (12.8 mm) provide optimum storage for the consumer.

LIFT-UP door systems

Discover the performance of our mechanisms for lift-up doors.

These systems allow doors to be raised smoothly and precisely, adding a touch of modernity and functionality to your spaces.

Robust and well-designed, they ensure ease of use and a contemporary look for your furniture.

They are delivered in unit sets for distribution, or by the pallet for industry.

Sliding door systems

Explore sliding door systems for smooth, silent opening.

These practical solutions optimize space and provide remarkable accessibility to your wardrobes, while giving them an elegant, contemporary look.