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Peka is a family business based in Mosen, Switzerland, since 1964. With a team of 140 passionate people, it specializes in the design and manufacture of sliding systems, interior fittings for kitchen furniture. What sets Peka apart is its strong commitment to corporate social responsibility (CSR).

Peka stands out for its concrete actions:

  • It uses geothermal energy to heat its premises and even recycles CO2 emissions for the welding process.
  • Their products are designed to last and are packaged in FSC-certified packaging, demonstrating their commitment to the environment.
  • They draw 70% of their electricity from Swiss hydroelectric power stations and generate 30% of their energy from photovoltaic panels.
  • Their approach is resolutely geared towards recycling the materials used on their production lines.
  • Their ecological new building, made of wood, feeds a water retention basin and forms a new Biotope.
  • Peka is fully committed to the quality of its products, from design to packaging. These products are LGA certified and benefit from EN ISO 9001 quality insurance.

Larder units

Discover our large pull-out mechanisms, designed in Switzerland to combine functionality and style.

They can be fitted to large cabinets. Practical and elegant, they offer optimized storage while blending in perfectly with your interior.

Made with care and designed to meet your everyday needs, our tall units embody the harmony between practicality and aesthetics to enhance your living space.

Whether pulled out or rotated, this tall cupboard offers a complete and instant view of your groceries or crockery. No more laborious searching through several drawers!

Low unit

Discover our base unit equipment designed in Switzerland to offer practicality and style.

These outgoing systems optimize storage space while adding a touch of elegance to your interior.

Designed to adapt to your needs, our base units combine clever functionality with contemporary design to simplify your everyday life with style.

Efficient organization is the key to a well-managed kitchen. Even in tight spaces, well-organized base units make daily tasks a whole lot easier. Each item brings its container within easy reach.

Waste bins

Discover our Peka bins, designed to combine practicality and style.

They simplify the sorting and management of waste on a daily basis, while blending in perfectly with your modern kitchen.

Sturdy, discreet and easy to use, our bins offer a practical and stylish solution for keeping your living space clean.

As an essential kitchen tool, a well thought-out waste management system suitable to the user’s needs greatly simplifies daily cooking and organizational tasks.

Pull-out systems for corner units

Our Peka corner units make the most of the space in your kitchen.

Practical, they offer easy access to every corner, maximizing storage space.

Sturdy and modern in design, these cabinets add a clever touch to your kitchen, simplifying your daily routine while optimizing the space available.

Even in the most remote corners, our cabinets make the most of every space in an accessible and optimal way.

Wall units

Discover our Peka wall cabinet equipment, designed to combine practicality and style.

Made with care in Switzerland, these cabinets combine modern elegance and functionality, adding a sophisticated touch to your living space.

Cutting-edge ergonomics. Thanks to ingenious movements and a fluid interplay of forces, our wall-hung units guarantee optimum access to their contents. Maximum accessibility combined with ease of use.

Cleaning and intendance

Peka’s Intendance range is designed to simplify your everyday life.

Clever, durable solutions, such as ingenious storage systems, add practicality and style to your living space.

Organize your space dedicated to cleaning products with our solutions. Clarity, order and direct access are essential for easy cleaning. A clean kitchen radiates throughout the house.


Explore our dressing room range, to transform your storage space into an elegant and functional place.

Ingenious, aesthetic solutions, from modular systems to practical accessories, help you personalize and optimize your dressing room with style.

From the living room to the dressing room, every room deserves clarity, stylish storage. Our organizational solutions bring elegant clarity to your wardrobes, from the dressing room to the living room. A place for everything, storage that enhances every space !