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AGOFORM was founded in 1928 in Löhne, Germany. It was in the Rhineland that this family business began manufacturing drawer protection and drawer inserts. The secret of their quality relies on the use of thermoforming and extrusion in their manufacturing process.

AGOFORM products are DIN ISO 9001 certified. They are made from polystyrene raw materials, which makes them completely recyclable without affecting their quality. The thermal energy needed to heat their premises is recovered from the production lines.

Since 2008, the company has gone green by sourcing 100% of its electricity from renewable energy sources. Their expertise in design and processes, combined with their commitment to flexibility and quality, enables them to create customized, timeless solutions for each of their customers. This focus makes them a preferred partner for meeting unique needs.

Drawer inserts

These cutlery trays have been specially designed for today’s modern kitchens.

The compartments, with their clean lines, blend harmoniously with the drawers.

At AGOFORM, we have developed optimized designs to suit every drawer depth and width (depth up to 650 mm, width up to 1200 mm).

Our aim is to make the organization of kitchen spaces practical, in line with contemporary trends, by offering solutions adapted to different configurations.

Non-slip mats

AGOFORM’s anti-slip mats are designed to make your daily life easier.

They offer optimum comfort and prevent your utensils from slipping when you open or close your drawers.

Made from high-quality thermoplastic elastomers, these mats meet the strict standards of the food industry: they are heat-resistant up to 45°C, food-safe and easy to clean.

At AGOFORM, our priority is to guarantee your safety while simplifying your daily routine.